t h e  M i s s i o n

We are inspired to help people to move better, feel better and realize true freedom of movement through the practice of natural movements.

t h e  M e t h o d

Our practice is primarily focusing on improving physical competency through skill-based training in order to gain practical and applicable strength, mobility, and motor control. We put a great emphasis on body awareness to improve the quality of movements and our connection to our bodies and the world around us.


Function, control, and adaptability are central aspects of our practice. We base our training on functional training principles and natural movement skills with the aim to establish a strong physical foundation and necessary freedom of movement. Natural movements are not only inherently functional but are also innate to our human physiology and biomechanics. The practice of natural movement incorporates the (re)learning and refinement of practical movement skills with a strong emphasis on technique and efficiency. Such skill-based training simultaneously targets physical capacity and neuromuscular adaptations such as balance, motor-control, and coordination. The ability to respond to contextual demands and adapt our movements accordingly is an integral part of natural movement practice. Training in a variety of environments facilitates the improvement of perceptual-motor skills and our ability to respond to dynamic physical challenges with movement solutions.

Practical physical competence is what gives us freedom and confidence in our bodies, and there is nothing more suitable for achieving this than the practice of those practical movement patterns which shaped our bodies and minds over the course of evolution.


t h e  v i s i o n

We like to believe that movement should not be a compartmentalised, separate part of an otherwise idle day to day life, labelled as exercise, but instead we should seek opportunities and environments which promote movement, and help us to bring about a healthy, conscious, movement rich lifestyle. Your body is the imprint of your physical behaviour, and movement is the very expression of being alive.


"Movement is life. When you improve the quality of movement, you improve the quality of life itself."

- Moshé Feldenkrais