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g e r g e l y  c s a p o

As the classic story goes, I have managed to replace a habit of drug and alcohol abuse with athletic pursuits, and to seek different peak experiences and natural highs. Climbing and running gradually transformed my life, but with the mindset of constant improvement, I eventually had to face plateaus and injuries, that were rooted in decades of misuse and disuse. Learning to respect my body and to exercise from a point of “being” instead of “becoming” were the two biggest lessons I learned along my natural movement journey. Natural movement and conscious breathing were the missing link, that bound everything together, and served as a foundation for all my physical practices and my approach to fitness. Somewhere in the self-seeking and truth-seeking process I left my field and decided to gear my life towards health and wellness, and the deeper I got into the rabbit hole, the stronger urge I felt to share what I find profound and meaningful. These days I’m on the road pursuing a simple yet fulfilling life and cultivating myself as an educator and as a student alike, with a mission to contribute to the world.

Commune, 2022
Rewilding Human Movement with Tony Riddle
ACE (American Council of Exercise), 2021
Functional Training Specialist Program
ACE (American Council of Exercise), 2021
Personal Trainer Certification
Coursera, University of Colorado Boulder, 2019
Science of Exercise Online Course
Oxygen Advantage, 2023
Functional Breathing Instructor Training 
Functional Patterns, 2021
10-week Online Course
MovNat, 2021
Natural Movement Trainer Certification (Level 3)
MovNat, 2020
Natural Movement Trainer Certification (Level 2)
MovNat, 2020
Natural Movement Trainer Certification (Level 1)
I believe that we all need to find means to interact with nature. Traversing wild landscapes and loading our senses with natural stimuli bring back a genetic memory — a sense of connectedness to our evolutionary past. It’s a reminder that we are not separate from nature, but we are the same breathing, living entity, and a life that’s more in tune with our biology and fosters this connection, starts with the redefinition of normal with natural, and the reawakening of our physicality.
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