g e r g e l y  c s a p o

Thanks to my upbringing, I have developed a genuine interest in outdoor sports, and my aspiration to push my limits in climbing and long distance running lead me to dwell deeper into understanding the body and its capabilities. After numerous injuries and plateaus, it was MovNat that highlighted the importance of having a well-rounded practice, and set me on the path of broadening my perspective on what it means to be fit. Part of my ongoing studies and practice I have become certified as personal trainer and natural movement trainer; and as a co-founder of MAYA I feel privileged to have a platform to connect to people and to share what I love and find meaningful.

ACE (American Council of Exercise), 2021
Functional Training Specialist Program
ACE (American Council of Exercise), 2021
Personal Trainer Certification
Coursera, University of Colorado Boulder, 2019
Science of Exercise Online Course
Functional Patterns, 2021
10-week Online Course
MovNat, 2021
Natural Movement Trainer Certification (Level 3)
MovNat, 2020
Natural Movement Trainer Certification (Level 2)
MovNat, 2020
Natural Movement Trainer Certification (Level 1)

t a m a s  t o t h


I consider myself as an energetic being, who has a strong drive to move and make people move with joy. I love to learn and explore new patterns and get lost in the flow of the movements. I am into disciplines that take me to adventurous trips to nature, like rock climbing, highlining, or hiking. My curiosity about movement is widespread. I like to practice and explore the variety of activities that makes the human body to move. So far I've deepened my knowledge by practicing contact improvisation, skateboarding, juggling, and parkour. I am on the journey to learn about the mind, body, and inseparable connection between the two. I have the desire to share my experiences with anyone who is open to them.