G R O U N D  F L O W

learning, exploration, mindfulness and quality of movement


These classes are dedicated to the practice and exploration of fluid movement patterns, and the development of better movement awareness. We work with different ground flows, transitions, locomotive patterns, contact improvisation, and breathing exercises.


Movement awareness is the ability to interpret perceptual cues from our bodies as we move, and form a more mindful connection between our minds and bodies. We put special emphasis on breathing, as it plays a significant role in establishing such a connection, and the improvement of the quality of movements. Mindfulness in movement is especially important in flows, transitions, and complex patterns which require a great degree of coordination.


Ground-based flows, are fluid sequences of movements, challenging both our physical capacity and our motor skills. They allow the exploration of space and personal movement potential, by using creative, playful movement patterns. Often instead of following a strict form, you will be encouraged to experiment with your movements and explore unique, individual ways of moving. Besides being a great exercise, this approach also stimulates the minds, increases cognitive function, and helps to reconnect to our bodies.

The classes take place in the heart of Nørrebro, in Folkets Hus, Thursday evenings, in a cosy, dim light atmosphere.

F u n c t i o n a l  M o v e m e n t

functional fitness and natural movements


The Functional Movement classes are addressing practical physical competence, with the primary focus on restoring physical function and reclaiming our ability to move and play without restrictions. We introduce a movement pattern based workout tailored to improve upon fundamental human movements and to refine natural physical aptitudes. The majority of these movement patterns are deemed natural from an evolutionary and physiological point of view, and they closely resemble the physical behaviour of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Such natural patterns are inherently practical and functional, and they offer a full body workout, targeting strength, flexibility, coordination, mobility, and balance alike.


If you are involved in other sports or disciplines, it is a great complementary exercise to address inefficiencies, lower the risk of injuries, and to increase performance.


Throughout a series of classes, we will work our way up in a progressive manner from ground up to more and more demanding movement skills along with physical adaptations. Although, you are welcome to drop in anytime, regardless of your fitness or skill level.

Being a member of Ørestad IF, the classes are held in Ørestad Streethal on Wednesday afternoons. 

M a Y a  h a n g o u t s

skill-based training, adaptive movements, and play in the great outdoors

Adaptive movement pattern training involves problem-solving, coordination, working memory capacity, and complex motor sequences. Adaptive movements are performed in response to perceptual information given by contextual demands, such as a person, object or the given environment. (e.g. jumping over an obstacle, or dodging a ball). Adaptive movements target both perceptual motor development and physical capacity simultaneously, and it helps to build and to maintain neural pathways and increases cognitive function.


The MAYA Hangouts is a parkour inspired class, where we work with various movement skills in climbing, jumping, balancing, vaulting, in order to engage with and navigate through structures and obstacles. We utilize and improve natural movement skills, targeting practical physical capability. We also incorporate other functional movement patterns and flows, into a playful, outdoor workout. During each class, we explore a different environment through motion and adaptation.

Each event takes place outdoors at different locations on Thursdays. Follow the event on Facebook for updates.