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Natural Movement Training

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Natural Movement Training

Time and Location

31. maj 2021 18.00

København, Mjølnerparken, København, Denmark


The practice of natural movements builds upon movements which our innate to our human physiology. During these training sessions we will refine and use practical movement skills and other functional exercises in a well-rounded playful, outdoor workout. There is a great emphasis on technique and movement quality, in order to build a solid foundation for a more capable body. It is a holistic approach focusing on acquiring practical and applicable strength and mobility, and improved motor control.

Whether it's underuse or overuse, no movement and repetitive movements both develop physical imbalances due to the absence of sufficient variability. This often results compromised joint function, altered posture or chronic injuries. We can level out these imbalances, reduce the risk of injuries, and build a more robust body. The practice of natural movements is an excellent cross-training modality, which can help improving joint mobility and stability, establish more efficient movement patterns and lead to better performance.

So whether you are an athlete or someone who is looking for a way to get in shape or to try something new, natural movement training is might just what you need.

What’s a better workout than using our bodies as it is designed to move?

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