p e r s o n a l  t r a i n i n g

We are all different, and there is no one size fits all solutions in physical practice. Understanding individual needs, motivations and goals is at the core of personal training. 1-on-1 sessions provide room for assessments, ongoing feedback, and personalised program design, along with guidance and support.


My name is Geri, my approach to physical practice revolves around a resilient, pain-free image, and about building a necessary foundation that creates confidence in our abilities and supports longevity. I believe that restoring and preserving physical function is key for life quality and for sport-specific goals alike. I find enthusiasm in supporting all types of fitness goals, and I’m eager to share my experience and passion. As a climber and long-distance runner, I’m also eager to work with people who are seeking support related to these activities. In my coaching like to combine functional training methods and natural movements, which are geared toward practical physical fitness and a sense of freedom and competence. Ultimately, I wish to provide people with the authority to be able to create and maintain lifelong positive habits.

Do any of these sound like you?


  • Ready to adopt a more active life and don’t know where to start, or you just struggling with consistency

  • Striving to implement new habits

  • There is pain keeping you from pursuing your favourite sport or activity 

  • Want to have a better posture and improved quality of movements

  • You’re a runner, fighting with recurring injuries or want a solid plan to prepare for your next race

  • Interested in a personalised training program that fits both your needs and your schedule

  • Keen to work out, but you don’t like the gym environment

  • Wish to learn more about natural movement

  • Simply my words resonate with you


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"I am from Austria and I contacted Geri to write me a running plan via online coaching. We started right away with a two hour consultation and video analysis. I was very happy with the program because it fitted my personal needs (fat loss and getting faster). He set up a training schedule and showed me lots of exercises to improve my technique. I recommend you Geri with all my heart. He is not only passionate about running and natural movement but also about his students. I loved the fact that my training plan was a "living" plan that was weekly adjusted to my progression and life."

- Csenge

"I really needed a good personal trainer to advance my running, and take it to the next level. We have put together a training plan that was built around my goals, current physical performance, and personal and professional life. I liked the vibes that Geri brought and that he knew what I wanted. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional and down to earth coach with a cool training aesthetic."

- Paris

"I have often started new workout routines, but have struggled to stay with them long-term and really integrate exercise in my life. Geri helped me figure out my motivation for exercising and came up with a program that is in line with my fitness aims. He suggested some concrete goals which are very helpful for me to stay with the program. I really appreciate that Geri doesn't just suggest what to do, but also explains how best to do it and why it's beneficial, including all kinds of nerdy facts about exercise, health, and psychology. I would fully recommend Geri as a personal trainer!"

- Nina

"I had an issue with my knee prohibiting me from running long distances without experiencing severe pain lasting several days after a run. Longer resting periods did not seem to cut it. The problem would come back. Through some analysis sessions, Geri helped me figure out the core of the issue and suggested corrective exercises for flexibility and strength where it was needed. It was a unique combination of exercises aimed to solve my specific issue. After a period of less intensive running and performing the exercises regularly, I could start increasing my distances again - without the pain. I definitely recommend Geri for consultation on any issue or injury that restricts your performance! He is passionate with great attention to detail, and clearly has a lot of personal experience in many different fields of exercise. "

- Jonas

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